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Official Computer Consultants to the Fort Wayne Komets

“Technology Specialists has been the Official Computer Consultants to the Fort Wayne Komets for more than a decade.  During that time, they have continually kept us up to date, out of trouble, and on the cutting edge of the technology necessary to the operations of our business.  There’s a lot more than just hockey that goes into keeping the Komets a vital part of the Fort Wayne community, and Technology Specialists is the kind of partner that allows us to focus on the core elements of our business without ever worrying about our IT systems, services, maintenance, or monitoring.  They allow us to stick to what we’re good at while listening to our needs and anticipating any problems that might arise with our network and our systems in the future.  Technology Specialists is one of our most valuable players season after season.”   

--  Scott A. Sproat, Executive VP/Co-Owner, Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club

Scott Sproat
Fort Wayne Komets
Fort Wayne

That’s where I think TSpec showed really what they could do.

That’s where I think TSpec showed really what they could do. I mean anyone can service us, do our software, anyone that’s been trained to do it. But I think this showed really what they can do. About 6:30 that morning I called Jay at home and told him what happened and after he woke up after about 5 minutes and figured out I wasn’t joking he had Suzi call back. She called about 7:00. They wanted to know how much damage we had and it was complete damage, either by the fire or smoke damage. About 9:30 Suzi called me back. She had located a company in S. Bend that had all of the equipment that we needed, all of the scanners, all the printers, all the monitors, all the CPU units. It was one of your distributors because we have to have certain things. So they knew how to get them all configured. You know we’ve been involved with other places, it’s hard to tell what people will do when you need them the most. Had they not done what they did we would have been dead in the water. Everything worked out pretty well.

Bill Lear

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